Four General Advantages Of Bulk Text Marketing As An Advertisement Tool

Probably, all the holders of large, medium and small businesses have heard about such method of advertising as SMS advertising. However, this does not mean that all at once rushed to meet the new marketing opportunities.

Advantages of Bulk SMS for Business

Any commercial organization sooner or later faces the challenge of expanding the business, and in this case, the management of such organizations is trying to use only proven and most effective channels. Mainly, you need to understand it is impossible to boost sales, when it comes to commercial enterprises, without increasing the number of customers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Bulk SMS Mailing

Each method of advertising has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, not every company can afford the television or radio advertising because of the high cost of these advertisement channels, while the print advertising in the form of leaflets, flyers, and brochures do not always reach a specific target audience.

Platinum Services Limited is launching international SMS Hub

Platinum Services Limited announces the launch of global SMS Hubbing services that will be handled by Carrier Services. Strongly believing it will add more value to the relationships with existing Customers and Partners as well as contributing in acquiring new ones.

Advantages of Bulk SMS Marketing in Comparison with the Other Advertisement Channels

In a world where the main role in the successful business organization plays the quality and effectiveness of the advertising campaign, one cannot do without new, unique ideas.

SMS-advertising for E-commerce – Instant Contact with Your Customers

The Internet is now actively used to sell goods. E-commerce is gaining popularity every day. The main feature of this type of commerce is the lack of direct contact between the buyer and the seller.

SMS-advertising by Travel Agencies – an Effective Way of Service Promoting

Using SMS-advertising by the travel companies (agencies) is an effective and efficient way of promoting their services. The relatively low cost of sending SMS allows the agency to achieve significant results at the lowest cost.

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