How to add contacts (phone numbers of my clients)?

Created: November 28, 2016 by manager SMSonNet

The Contacts page serves to create and edit message recipients and organize them into groups by assigning tags to them.


The three rightmost table columns contain the following controls:

· Details, marked by i – information – contains the button that opens the contact’s details window and allows editing the contact
(click for the purpose).

· Blacklist – a lock icon – contains the button that serves to exclude the contact from mailouts. Once the contact is blacklisted, the button changes to green lock icon.

· Remove contains is marked by recycle bin button that serves to delete the record.

To add a new contact, click Create contact. Fill the appropriate fields in the Add contact dialog that appears. Assign one or several tags to the contact by clicking on them. Add a new tag if necessary. Click Save contact.

Alternatively, load one or multiple contacts from an MS Excel file by clicking Import contacts. The file must contain at least one column with phone numbers. In the Import Contact dialog that appears select or create the tags for the contact(s), configure the column headers as appropriate. In the Merge type list select the way duplicates must be handled and click Import.

The import results are displayed in the dialog as shown below.

Click Delete contacts with this tag to remove contacts associated with a specific tag. Contacts with several tags will not be removed.

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