How to send 1 SMS?

Created: December 22, 2016 by manager SMSonNet

You can Send message directly from the Dashboard – homepage of SMSonNET.

Note! You can send SMS only if you have positive balance.

Find Send message control, it allows quickly sending one or several messages for testing purposes. Complete the following fields:

  • Sender ID: alphanumeric string (16 characters maximum).
  • Recipient: the recipient’s phone number (must contain the country code)
  • Message: text of the SMS
  • Long message split mode: the parameter defines how long messages are treated. The drop-down list contains the following values:

– Cut (trim message text according to GSM spec)

– Payload (send SMPP message with text in message_payload field)

– Split (split message into several with UDH)

– Split (using SAR TLV fields)

Click Send SMS.

Alternatively, click Send campaign from the file to load the campaign parameters from an MS Excel file. The file must contain three columns: Sender ID, Recipient and Message text. Click send SMS. In the Send campaign from file, dialog configure the column headers as appropriate and click Send messages.

To check the status of the campaign, go to the Campaigns page and click Send from file tasks.

You can also insert short links in the message body.


Note! The maximum character length for 1 SMS in Latin-based alphabet languages like English, French, and Spanish is 160 symbols. Long text messages are divided into parts 152 symbols each. The maximum length of 1 SMS by other non-English characters (languages not using a Latin-based alphabet, like Arabic or Chinese) is 70 symbols. Long text messages are divided into parts 67 symbols each.


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