Platinum Services Telecommunication Limited announces the launch of global SMS Hubbing services that will be handled by Carrier Services. Strongly believing it will add more value to the relationships with existing Customers and Partners as well as contributing to acquiring new ones.

Always remaining a customer oriented company Platinum Services Telecommunication aims to keep the same course and being closer, than ever to its clients, providing the number of service types, 24/7 access to Customer Support, respectful and professional approach.

Different service levels are available to satisfy changing Customer’s requirements, such as needs for bulk SMS, transaction SMS, bank SMS and more.

PST is a licensed Maltese international carrier since 2012, focused on providing telecommunication services, such as Voice and SMS to retail and wholesale operators, business and private users and resellers.

Company’s products and services are guaranteed by over 20 Tier -1 partners and over 150 partners in total, advanced, stable and easily scalable infrastructure.

PST Ltd. has a headquarters in Malta and offices in CIS, Asia, and the Middle East.

For more information, please, visit company’s website