Privacy Policy



    1. SMSONNET will not use data from the User for purposes other than the provision of services and will not sell such data to a third party.
    2. SMSONNET will not disclose any personal information of Users, if explicit consent is not granted or in the exceptional circumstance that such information is required for legal purposes.
    3. SMSONNET will comply with the applicable Malta regulations regarding privacy. In case there is a legal obligation SMSONNET will present data from User to third parties.
    4. The information within SMSONNET’s storage is password protected so that only the User has access to the User’s personal and account information. The username and password supplied by SMSONNET to User are strictly personal and should be kept secret. User is responsible for the abuse of the username/password and shall immediately notify SMSONNET of any loss, theft and/or abuse.
    5. SMSONNET takes several measures to keep her and your data as secure as possible, but SMSONNET cannot guarantee the safety of the data. The measures SMSONNET takes in that context shall include (but not exclusively):
      • Time restricted access to sensitive components;
      • Two-factor authentication for sensitive components;
      • Employee access to data on a need-to-know basis;
      • Four eyes principle for several data including financial data;
      • Extensive logging and monitoring (internal & external);
      • Outsourcing policy with a confidentiality agreement;
      • Data retention policy;
      • Use of an internal and external Compliance Officer to validate that the internal procedures are being met, required PES ( Pre-Employment Screening, including a certificate of good conduct for each newly hired employee.